You need an external Partner for mechanical maintenance, industrial services or support service for your manufacturing plant?

Then you’re absolutely right at Geuch maintenance.

We’re specialized as an external maintenance provider to develop and implement maintenance concepts for you and with you as our customer which are specific to your production flow.

Additional to the following goals that we remain focused on it is also part of our concept to support your equipment in a way as if you would do it by yourself. This means more efficiency due to a long term care process of your manufacturing plant.

  • Improvement of the operating reliability
  • Increase of the availability of your equipment
  • Improvement of the sequence of operations
  • Reduction of Malfunction
Maintenance is only efficient and effective if you can hark back to experiences to be able to guarantee a continuous improvement process on your manufacturing plants.
This means for you:

  • Reduction of maintenance costs
  • A flexible production schedule during planned stationary
  • Reduction of personnel costs
Assistance in major projects and qualified personnel on call who knows your production flow and who is able to eliminate stationary is our day-to-day-business.
We’re specialized in Paper & Plastic Film Manufacturing Industry but we’re also able to provide our performance in any other sector.
We’re looking forward to cooperate with your company.

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